17 Times Food Fixed Everything

Whether it’s been a nightmare day at the office or you’re just slumming it on the couch, food is always the answer. 


1. When you’ve had too much to drink.



2. When you’re with bae.

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3. When your ex has moved on.

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4. When Chad Kroeger’s hair is just too much.

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5. When you’ve been dragged out to the club.

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6. When you realized you’re getting old.

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7. When you’re hangry.

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8. When you’re another year older.



9. When you have to sit through something oh, so boring.

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10. When you need to get the taste of something out of your mouth.

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11. When you are home alone and it’s unnatural not to be eating.

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12. When it’s been a tough day at the office.

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13. When the dating game is slow.

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14. When you need to occupy your mouth so you can’t speak.



15. When your weekend plans are based around the menu.

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16. When you’re still on the piss but you’re friends have gone home.

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17. When exams lead to stress-eating.