Arriving Home From Deployment, Soldier Reads Adorable Four Line Poem And Totally Breaks Down

Awaiting the return of her military husband, one wife discovered some pretty exciting news. Learning she was pregnant, the woman planned an undeniably cute pregnancy announcement to shock the socks off the love of her life … and boy, did it work. 

The doting wife decided a short but sweet poem was the way to go. In colorful purple and pink lettering, she spelled out the phrase, “Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m having a baby and the daddy is you!”

As you might have guessed, the soldier got the hint pretty quickly. In fact, he wore a look of pure shock only seconds after opening the front door!

Luckily, the mom-to-be caught his incredibly cute reaction entirely on camera. Between the man’s teary eyes and his ear-to-ear grin, it’s almost too hard to chose which is more adorable!

However, there was one plain and simple fact obvious from the start: the future dad couldn’t be more thrilled at the exciting news.

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