Noone Can Convince Runaway Pup To Come Home, Until 6-Year-Old-Girl Has Her Turn

Just two days after her adoption, an anxious pup named Daisy had escaped from her new home and was on the run. It took a special little someone to bring her back home. 

Over the course of two months, many worried people spotted Daisy and were able to feed her regular meals, but they were never able to coerce her back home.

Her movements were lovingly tracked by the Hollister Animal Lost and Found Facebook group, but unfortunately no one could get anywhere near her.

After many failed attempts, they brought in the big guns: 6-year-old girl Meghan Topping. The two had previously met while Daisy had been in foster care with Meghan’s family and everyone hoped that Daisy would recognize the little girl. The aim was to have little Meghan lure the pup out of the cold weather and into safety.

When the little girl slowly approached the shy pup in the field, Daisy was hesitant at first. However, when the girl got on to her stomach, the pup immediately leaped towards her.

It turned out that a little playtime was all Daily needed to feel safe.

Now, Daisy lives with another family with a little girl, and she seems to be going well.

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