Riding In The Car With Mom, Adorable Pup Hears Michael Jackson And Decides To Sing Karaoke

Melissa and her beloved four-legged friend Honey are really like two peas in a pod. As best buds, they both enjoy nature, late night snacks, and even have a thing for the same music! Interestingly enough, the dog owner and her pup have an undeniably cute video to prove it. 

Going for a simple stroll, Melissa and Honey kept each other company in the front seat. But once the music-loving pup heard his favorite tune, the car ride completely changed.

Blasting through the radio was none other than Michael Jackson, belting out “Will You Be There.” At that exact same moment, Honey refused to contain her excitement any longer.

With a decent amount of attitude, the dog threw her head back in preparation for a stunning vocal performance.

Howling, or rather, ‘singing’ along with her favorite melody, Honey didn’t disappoint. Once delighted owner Melissa joined in, there was absolutely no stopping this duet!

To be fair, the two just might deserve a Grammy.

Check out the too cute-for-words video and you’ll be sure to agree! Don’t forget to SHARE Honey’s adorable rendition of Michael Jackson with your dog-loving friends and family on Facebook!