Sisters Miss Dad's Final Moments After Being Kicked Off Allegiant Flight For Being 'Disruptive.'

As two heartbroken sisters made their way across the country to see their dying father, the worst possible outcome occurred. 


It’s normal to worry about your elderly parents, especially when they live far away. You think about them constantly and you hope that you never have to miss their final moments.

Sisters Debbie Hartman and Trisha Baker were waiting patiently on the tarmac for their plane to take off when Baker received an urgent text. The pair were already making their way to see their sick father when the news came that their dear Dad only had a few hours left.

Baker wanted to go to her sister, who was rows behind her, for comfort but was stopped by an Allegiant Air flight attendant who demanded that she return to her seat. Baker explained the situation to the flight attendant but to no avail.

The attendant even went so far as to tell the sisters to “keep their personal problems off the plane.”

Too make matters worse, Hartman began to have a panic attack. Instead of being looked after, the two sisters were removed from the aircraft for being “disruptive.”

Sadly, the sisters missed their father’s final moments.

Two anguished sisters claim they missed the chance to say goodbye to their dying father when they were kicked off a plane. Trisha Baker and Debbie Hartman were leaving Orlando on Allegiant Airlines to visit their ailing 84-year-old father in who was in hospice in Asheville, North Carolina, Monday. They were waiting to take off when they got a text message from a relative saying their father was not in good condition and their visit could very well be his last.

While Allegiant says it is investigating the incident, but the damage has already done.

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