Soldier Dad Granted Leave Runs To Hospital, Arriving Just In Time To Meet Beautiful Baby Girl

Four short weeks after finding out he would be a dad, First Lt. Jake Osborne left on tour to Afghanistan. Luckily enough, the soldier returned exactly nine months later to meet his baby girl for the very first time. 

Lt. Osborne was simply ecstatic after hearing he’d be granted leave to witness the birth of his first child. Initially, the man wasn’t entirely sure he would make it in time!

Racing to the hospital nine months after his deployment, the doting father rushed through the doors with only moments to spare.

Thankfully, his sister had been giving real-time updates during the entire labor and delivery process over the phone.

Even so, Lt. Osborne couldn’t have prepared for what fate had in store after he turned the hospital corner.

Entering the maternity ward with a large toothy grin and teary eyes, the new dad held out his arms, ready to meet his precious little girl.

Needless to say, Lt. Osborne will cherish this moment for the rest of his days.

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