The Kids Puzzle No Adult Can Solve!

We challenge you to solve this kids puzzle that no adult can solve! Ha!

Hint: You might want to reach for your spectacles…

Here's the puzzle! Now let's break it down like we all would!

  1. So, it starts out with 3 apples being added up together to equal 30. So you’d assume that each apple would equal…..10, right? (10+10+10 = 30)
  2. Next step – one apple (which we’ve established equals 10) plus two bunches of bananas equals 18. So, we need to assume that each bunch of bananas would equal…4! (10+4+4=18). Great! We’re doing good!
  3. Next we have a bunch of bananas (which we guessed equals 4) minus coconuts equals 2. 4-2=2, so coconuts equals 2!
  4. Now – the last part! Where everyone gets confused. We have coconut (2), plus apple (10), plus bananas (4). So that should equal 16, right? WRONG!

Let’s look again!

In the third row, you’ll notice there were 2 coconuts in the picture, now there’s only one! Maybe you noticed this and got 15?

You’re still wrong!

If you look very closely you’ll notice there’s a banana missing too – something very small that’s difficult for even the person with the best ‘eagle eyes’ to notice!


Now, you actually have this equation – 1 + 10 + 3 =

You got it! Because it’s actually Coconuts (2-1) + apple (10) + bananas (4-1).

The answer is 14

Yeah, we felt like that too…

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